Social Media

Social Media

Social media as a whole take up a lot of time in the everyday life of people. Social Media communication is instant, two-way, and their huge spread thanks to Tablets and Smartphones. Therefore, it is now necessary to have every company on Facebook and other social media as it is the cheapest and most efficient way of advertising. Amateur Social media management by some businesses can not bring results because:

  • It does not reach the desired size of the fans needed so that there is a sales outcome.
  • Provides little interaction with the Target Group.
  • It does not provide a return to the investment in money and time

It's so simple today to change your business image and see results tomorrow.

The Social Media Management Process is done in 4 steps:

1) Create accounts and business pages

In the first step we create pages and accounts in all social networks, we pass texts, logos and we make banners as well as all the material we want to display. Once we receive the approval from the customer, we publish the material and give the world the opportunity to visit our site.


2) Manage social media accounts and business pages

Daily Social Media Management includes:

  • Publish themes on a daily basis to keep users interested
  • Post material on the on demand page (images, videos, announcements)
  • Evaluation, filtering, response to user feedback.

We create for you and the "friends" of your facebook page, interactive contests to promote your brand and increase its popularity both by increasing Likes and Talking About.

Tenders meet all legitimacy requirements in accordance with facebook guidelines.
As well:

  • They are structured so that they can always be propagated by the user with automatic posts on their wall.\
  • They urge the user to invite his friends to win more entries.
  • They are fun and relatively easy to prevent the user.
  • They serve in the information about services through the participation and the pursuit of the goal (gift of competition).


3) Social Media Management Report.

The third step is to monitor your campaign and performance review, as well as our reporting to you about the results of the month's campaign (Reach, Number of fans and followers, Traffic data)


4) Advisory services for paid advertising campaigns.

And we are in the final step where Social Media management works perfectly and we are starting to ask for something more! Many times, especially in the beginning, the "world" of ours in the posts or the offers is not enough. Especially when a product or service is addressed to a very large target group, the idea of ​​investing in paid advertising on social media is very attractive and we will explain why. Suppose that on our facebook page we have 1,000 likes and 1000 of our own people who are interested in our services or our products. If we make a post for an offer of a service or product, it will be seen by some 200 people who happen to be online at that time or who will be coming in the next hour. If we postpone and re-submit the same bid we might even be able to see the 1,000 people who have done like on our page. How would it seem to you, however, give an additional 10 euros and see it from 5,000 to 15,000 people targeted exactly as we want them, based on their age or even their interests? One of them, if it finally "buys" our campaign comes free and we have a potential profit. Even more so, if out of 15,000 people who will see the offer with 10 euros, a profit of 300 euros comes up and you decide to invest twice or three times the next time with the corresponding profit! That's why we say and again that when advertising is done properly then it costs nothing!




Our team is committed to helping our customers achieve their business and personal goals in the most effective way and to provide them with the highest level of service and products.


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